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This is a map of Internet routers using lanet-vi. This graph was generated from traceroute data of part of the Internet reachable IPv4 address space to a class C level. It was a pretty quick hack to get the data into the lanet-vi format, but I’m reasonably certain the results are accurate.

Partial Internet graph using lanet-vi

Internet graph with Lanet-vi

Here’s another LGL graph of firewall connections. This is a single day in the life of a class C Internet firewall that has 254 Internet IP addresses routed through it. Thanks to Cradle Technologies for the log data.

Class C firewall log graph from 2005 using LGL and

See the following article for more information and the source code.

This graph shows the firewall logs for May 2007. This graph was generated using and Large Graph Layout (LGL). logs for May 2007 created with LGL and
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Line graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Line graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Pie graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Percentage of digits in PI to 10,000 places.

A bunch of PI converted to MIDI drums.

These graphs show firewall log data back in 2004 using aiSee and later made graph of the month

The following graph represents 15 minutes of firewall log data for a class B firewall from midnight without background worm traffic.


The following graph shows the same 15 minutes of log data for a class B firewall from midnight including the worm traffic.