Category: Black Hat 2007

More preparation for Black Hat today. Here’s a couple of photos from our excursions.

Caesar’s Palace reception area.

Caesars Palace Reception

.. and Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as “the Strip”. What an awesome place.

Las Vegas Boulevard

Vegas Day 2

We have finally arrived at Vegas after about 24 hours travel with little to no sleep. We’ve checked in and sorted out all the necessary stuff such as Internet access and the bars with the longest happy hours.

Las Vagas night 1

Vegas is amazing and possibly the best way I could describe it would be it’s freaking massive!

Las Vegas night 1

Our friend Scott can’t make the trip to Vegas because of a motorbike accident. In his place we have MaScott, complete with bandages and black hat. Here’s MaScott Sydney airport in the Qantas lounge. As you can see he’s a l33t hax0r!

Mascot 113t hax0r Sydney