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This graph shows the firewall logs for May 2007. This graph was generated using and Large Graph Layout (LGL). logs for May 2007 created with LGL and
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Often it can be useful to deal with IP addresses in their hex, decimal or binary equivalent. Once such example would be if you have to determine if an IPv4 address is within a certain range, say within and Although this can be achieved using tools such as regular expressions it can sometimes be quicker to convert it to decimal and check if it’s within a range. This example would be 2,886,729,728 to 2,887,778,303.

Here’s some sample code.

This is a very quick and dirty hack to scan for Bluetooth devices and attempt to send them a friendly message with their device name embedded in a .jpg image. It’s important to note that I’m using the term “hack”, as in poorly written code, which is the correct use for the term. This is not a malicious program.</disclaimer>

This program uses hci-tool to scan for new Bluetooth devices and when it finds one it appends the device name to an image and attempts to send the image back to the device using ussp-push.

Here’s an example image for a Bluetooth device called /dev/phone.

Brian says cheers!
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Bluetooth spam tool

Sydney harbour bridge full moon photo

View larger image – 1600×993

I took this photo of the Sydney harbour bridge during the last full moon on May 2nd, 2007. This was taken with a Nikon D50 and a 18-70mm DX Nikon lens from Milsons Point in North Sydney with a 30 second exposure.
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Firewall log Perl module (

Firewall log Perl module extracts connection information from firewall logs. Documentation is available here

Download fwlog-1.3.tgz

MD5SUM -  1ecaba4d22a7b584737b546f1f760cd9
SHA1SUM -  2019c1a480a9354336e5ddaf60cdeb5ca3928d23

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smspasswd is an application I wrote back in December of 2005. There reason I wrote this was because of all the pesky SSH brute force attacks, which continue to build in numbers. I didn’t want to waste money and time on using tokens because the few people who have accounts on my machines also have mobile phones.
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Line graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Line graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Pie graph of PI to 10,000 places.

Percentage of digits in PI to 10,000 places.

A bunch of PI converted to MIDI drums.

These graphs show firewall log data back in 2004 using aiSee and later made graph of the month

The following graph represents 15 minutes of firewall log data for a class B firewall from midnight without background worm traffic.


The following graph shows the same 15 minutes of log data for a class B firewall from midnight including the worm traffic.